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About This Community

I will be posting about interesting items that I find around the internet and telling you about them. When possible I will find coupon codes to go with them in case you'd like to purchase them.

Traffic Exchanges

Clix Sense is a great site. You choose how many people will see your ad, how much each ad is worth, and the demographics of the people viewing your ad. You can offer as little as $0.01 per ad or as much as $5.00 per ad. It's all up to you. You can view ads to earn cash. Then you can reinvest that cash into your own advertising.


Link Crews is another great site with a unique concept that really works. Members are placed into Crews of twenty people each. You earn points for viewing sites. Based on the number of points you have, your position changes. The higher your position, the more visits you earn for your own sites. At the end of each week, the top twenty crews receive a reward. Come take a look and see for yourself. I know you'll be hooked.


Link Referral is definitely unique. You list your site in the directory, and other members review your site. When you visit and review other sites, you increase your site's rank in the directory. The more you visit and review, the more your site will be seen.


Royal Surf is a fun traffic exchange. You compete against other players in jousting tournaments. Kingdoms compete for the top spot each week. You have the possibility of earning bonuses each week. Come take a look.



With this list, you earn credits by clicking a link that is present in some of the email you receive. You can use those credits to send out your own ad to the list. If you run out of credits, you can still send your ads to the entire list once a day for Pro and one time per 3 days for free members. The best feature I've found with this list is the ability to save ads to send later. You can save up to 20 ads. Why not try it today?


GOT Safelist is another great list. By clicking the link in the emails you receive you can earn ad credits, banner credits, or even cash. Some emails even contain a lottery ticket. The lottery is run once every two weeks, and you can win credits or cash. Check it out today.


This is a pretty new safelist. I haven't used it much yet. It does look promising.